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For thousands of years the Yolngu of East Arnhem Land had thrived, enjoying a vibrant and self-reliant culture. However,  in just 50 years their diet has changed so dramatically that they now face a significantly reduced life expectancy due to a resulting epidemic of chronic disease. But there is hope.  Through the development of this Indigenous-driven, diet and lifestyle program we are already seeing transformational changes. By blending traditional Yolngu culture with experiential nutritional education and an integrative approach to medicine a movement within the community has been created. We hope to continue to reawaken the Yolngu way towards vitality, and so we welcome you to join us.



During our first Hope For Health retreat in 2015 50% of participants were smokers prior to the retreat; all quit smoking during the retreat; at three months 50% of the previous smokers remained non smokers; at six months 67% of the original smokers had successfully stopped smoking.

Kick-start your own health journey with 9V9 and ‘The Flush’ programs!

Our amazing Helen Padarin is offering 2 fantastic health programs, to give everyone the opportunity to kick-start their health journey:

When you sign up to these programs YOU pay it forward to life changing work in Arnhem Land…

10% of your fee will be donated to HOPE FOR HEALTH !!


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