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The Yolngu situation is still extreme
and current approaches are not working.

Nationwide efforts to address this epidemic of disease have not produced significant widespread results. The Prime Minister’s 2017 “Closing The Gap” Report states that Australia is “not on track” to close the gap on life expectancy by 2031 and that in order to meet the target, Aboriginal life expectancy would need to increase by 16 years for females and 21 years males!

Around sixty years ago, the Yolngu were healthy, self reliant people. However recent research indicates that remote Aboriginal communities of NT now have a significantly higher prevalence of chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, ischaemic heart disease, renal disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) than national health survey figures. These diseases are responsible for up to eighty percent of the mortality gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.  In other words, the Yolngu are in one of the most extreme health environments of all Australians.

However, Hope For Health is working
and we can grow to meet demand.

In the two years since HFH has started we have made incredible progress, as most of you will know. We have started from grassroots and now run a program where almost 50 Yolŋu have participated in our health retreats and over 400 Yolngu individuals have participated in the program via workshops, cooking and exercise classes. Most importantly, they are getting results.  Blood sugar and blood pressure are normalising and they are losing inches from the waist and participants reported feeling the best they could remember.  Best of all these changes for many are lasting.  As talked about by Gapany in our video above, we are seeing the effects ripple out into the local community such as our participants’ relatives changing their diet independently, people running their own “home retreats” or cooking HFH meals for their family members in poor health. We’re also hearing from and talking to many other communities that have heard of the dramatic health improvements and empowerment that HFH is achieving. We would need more resources to take HFH to other communities of East Arnhem land and share our frameworks, but at this time we barely have the resources to keep up the current work and meet growing demand here in Galiwin’ku.


Without a reliable funding base
we will struggle to continue.

The cost of chronic disease is a massive economic burden to all Australians. The cost of dialysis for one person is between $40-80K per year, whereas cost of prevention for one participant would be closer to just $6K per year and includes the natural “ripple-on effect” from our participants to their families and beyond. 

Despite a lack of funding for cost saving prevention strategies our program is getting results, however we cannot continue the momentum, nor grow without reliable, regular funding for our base costs.  The program needs an annual base of $648,373 to maintain our retreat and health coaching pathways (see below). We have full time grant application work continuing which generally covers more than half of this however it is intensively time consuming for our small team, highly competitive and unpredictable. Furthermore it is difficult to get the attention of Government department in the short term.  They like to pick winners, which is another reason to support us – it will help convince them to fund ups further.   So while the Government is umming and ahhing about us, we need you to join Galiwin’ku in restoring Yolngu health now.  Without a strong base funding into the future of this program is not certain past the end of 2017.

Our best hope is you.

We need a dedicated base of 1000 sponsors to join our program. In last few years it has been individuals, nationwide passionate supporters who have been the driving force to enable this pioneering program to start. Our true believers intuitively understood the community’s vision and were there to began its movement. Again, now we need you and others to maintain this movement and thereby change this community and beyond. Now is the time to join our HFH family and together with Yolngu people  we’ll make real change in Aboriginal Health. By offering your regular support you’ll ensure we can make long-term change and provide a stable, sustainable, future for health retreats, ongoing support and lifestyle transformation options  You are already part of the movement, we would not have got this far without your, so let’s maintain the momentum!

Join the Hope For Health family.
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Take a look at our Retreats!

Here’s a quick look at some of our results from one of our retreats.
To see more of our impacts to date, read more here…

Sponsor “Thank You” Gifts: In return for your commitment

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“Traditional Bush Medicine of Elcho Island” Webcast

All monthly sponsors will gain private access to a 15 min webcast about Traditional Yolngu Bush Medicine from the perspective of Guyupul, a local bush medicine woman and Kate Jenkins, Hope For Healths’s Naturopath. Together they take you on a journey in East Arnhem Land, harvesting medicinal plants and demonstrating how to make them into remedies that have been used for thousands of years.

Deep Cross-Cultural Insights with Tim Trudgen

As a GOMULU, GARUKAL or WOPULU sponsor, you’ll gain further access to a fascinating 15 min webcast with Hope For Health’s CEO and cross-cultural expect Tim Trudgen. In the video Tim discusses the critical elements of Hope For Health’s success and explains how inspiring genuine change in Aboriginal communities actually requires something very simple.

Hope For Health 2018 Calendar

As a GARUKAL or WOPULU sponsor, you’ll be sent a 2018 Calendar with stunning images from Elcho Island and the people that make this place and program so special.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if we do not get enough financial support in the next  60 days? 

  • We need an minimum of $420,000 from all our funding sources to continue our operations in Galiwin’ku with current staff (our minimum staffing costs are $360,000 for 3 mainstream professionals and 5 local Yolngu staff)
  • Without full funding we will not be able to run a health retreat this year for the community, but we might be able to run a community based education program.
  • In 2016 Hope For Health’s (Yolngu) Strategic Management committee decided that in order to demonstrate their dedication, our participants are to cover a nominal cost for the 6 month program ($500) but without funding to subsidise the full cost (Approx $6k) most participants would be unable to partake.
  • We will cover whatever basic staff we can to advocate the program into the future, until we find long term funders to cover full operational cost
  • Our Yolngu Strategic Management Committee will continue to advocate and give direction regardless as they are already unpaid.
  • Why Warriors Org Ltd, the charity that runs HFH would have to restructure, but would find new lower cost ways to administer HFH

What if we get more than our target?

If our total funds including your sponsorship are well over the $648,373 we need to run all support and training activities, we have a plan to expand the effectiveness of the program to up to at least $1.5 Million.  This would include:

  • Increase the local Aboriginal health coach work hours
  • Efficiently expand the reach of the program in the medium term with more trained local health coaches.
  • Increase the  wages of all core positions to industry standards.
  • Improved compliance, ethics, and safety standards
  • Lease a suitable office and training space
  • Develop research partnerships
  • Improve support for professional volunteers
  • Develop a Darwin based retreat solution for Yolngu to share the HFH model with other communities and make retreats available to the Darwin population of Aboriginal people.  

Other infrastructure needs

  • We have a serious office and exercise space problem. With enough funds we could build a solution
  • We have limited accommodation, but also a spare lot to build a house $200,000 could change that.
  • Long term the Yolngu committee wants a permanent retreat solution.  Additional funding could contribute to developing this solution.  


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In the midst of an epidemic of chronic disease Hope For Health is a pioneering program empowering Yolngu to reawaken vibrant health by combining traditional practice with modern approaches to health – and it’s working.
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