Top 10 ways you can join our cause

  1. Donate.
    Decide if you are you a Kingfisher or a Kookaburra!? Whether you would like to donate one-time or as a monthly donor you’ll become a highly valued HFH family member!

  2. Share our story.
    Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  3. Join our mailing list
    Let’s stay in touch over the campaign and into the retreat. Subscribe here.

  4. Send a personal message through your networks.
    Do you have a voice in your community? Do you have a large social media following? Do you know people in the right places? Perhaps a lot of professional networks? One or two emails on our behalf from you could result in amazing impacts towards our very important work. We have templates for you to use and technical support available if you require.

  5. Hold a fundraising event.
    Be creative. A donation box at your work for a month, hold a concert, a dinner party with tickets, a raffle, a physical challenge among your friends, a percentage of your office mates salaries for a month. Design your own style of fundraising and please let us know if you need design, image or video support content!

  6. Keep a close eye on our campaign updates.
    Having your support in the final moments really helps get us across the line.

  7. Volunteer!
    Check out our current volunteer opportunities.

  8. Products!
    Have you got something special to give? Relevant health products or services? Donate towards our perks or retreat or help with our distribution. Get in touch.

  9. Got some other ideas? Contact us!
    We are always looking for more support and ready to answer you. We can talk in more detail about the project and who knows where a conversation may lead. Email us today!

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