Aligning with the seven seasons of North East Arnhem Land, we publish our newsletter seven times a year. Subscribe to receive it directly via email and see below for the ones you have missed.

  1.  “Mayaltha” Wet Season, January- February
  2.  “Gunmul” – Mid Wet Season, March-April
  3.  “Miḏawarr” End of Wet Season, May-June
  4.  “Dharratharra” Cool Dry, July
  5.  “Rarranhdharr” Hot Dry Season, August-September
  6.  “Wolmay” Humidity “The Buildup”, October
  7.   Dhuluḏur – Pre-Wet Season, November-December

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2017 HFH Gunmul (March-April) Newsletter

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