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Thank you all for your Incredible support over the last 60 days!

We are just in awe of the commitment and generosity from across Australia to changing Indigenous health. Our Facebook Friends, Indigenous networks, community organisations, churches, media and newsletter readers all did their part. Thanks to Ambassadors and supporters who shared us across social media.

The confidence we have from this dedicated base of supporters enables us to build new strategies, in preparation for retreats, coaching and collaboration with other communities in 2018.

We now have at least 183 new HFH sponsors backing us up! While our target was based on numbers of what we urgently need to consolidate and expand our program, we've learnt that welcoming 1000 sponsors was ambitious to achieve within 60days.

Unfortunately the shortfall in funding from our other sources means we could not commit to a retreat for Elcho Island residents before next year.

The up side is the chance to strengthen the existing movement, allowing local champions to participate more fully in shaping the future funding, retreat, and coaching model. Regardless of how we solve the challenge of delivering with less readily available funds for now, in the future we will look back and remember that you are the grassroots support that turned our small movement into a flood cascading over into other communities and across Indigenous Australia

We would also like to announce that Although this campaign is finished, sponsorship of Hope For Health will now remain a permanent option for those wanting to join us in the future. Those who want to will still be able to donate any time by going to

Thank for dearly from all the team up here on Elcho Island
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Just over 24 hours remain on our important and urgent campaign to raise funds for this game changing program!
We are almost at 200 donors! Is there anything else we can do to encourage your support?

This program is working efficiently, but requires stable funding. A donation of $10/month - equivalent to less than a train ticket each week - will help to ensure this program not only continues making progress, but prospers and hopefully expands to more communities already calling for help and desperately in need.

Yolngu and Balanda, together are making this happen. Together we can reawaken Australia's indigenous vitality and welcome "a new place" - as Garnggulkpuy said it - for Australia. Where all people of this country have equal freedom and mastery to determine the health of themselves, families and clan. Let's do this!

We thank you dearly for all the support, donations, commitment sharing and posting you have done over the last 60 days and over the last two years. Marrkapmirr! We feel the love!
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