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Health Coach Mentor

Applications for the position of Health Coach Mentor have now closed.  Information of application status will be sent out shortly.  Thank you to everyone who applied.

Current Volunteer Opportunities!

Volunteering is one way to contribute your skills and passion on this journey together.

We are so grateful to all those who are keen to support our work and who have already contributed in this way.

At this time, our volunteer opportunities are limited and are mainly focused on specific skills required to successfully deliver the Health Retreats and provide post-retreat support on Elcho Island.

We are currently looking for the support of:

  • Medical Doctors for the 2019 Retreats and Pre-retreat medicals

If you are passionate about our work and would like to be part of the Hope For Health story, please email your resume and a covering letter to:

We will be advertising shortly for other volunteer positions for the 2019 Retreats.  To stay updated on future opportunities, please sign up to our Newsletter.

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