Strategic Management Committee

  The program’s Strategic Management Committee (formerly Steering Committee) is made up of 12 Local Yolngu people who have actively participated in the program, are key leaders in the community and work with many other agencies in Galiwin’ku.   The Strategic Management Committee  is recognised by the Board as responsible for the creation and oversight of Hope for Health’s delivery strategy and evaluation of our activities.  

Of primary importance to our strategic approach are processes that support the community to identify the issues that exist and then develop appropriate solutions. Participating in an intensive health retreat allows Yolngu to not only feel the difference between poor and good health, but also to recognise the primacy of food, nutrition and exercise in achieving good health and from there to identify ways to create access to these for the community. This experiential approach is key to the program’s delivery, creating real opportunities for participants to feel Rom Walngaw (Yolngu way to vitality) and to understanding links between lifestyle choice and health in a relatively short period of time. It is the reason why our Management Committee is so passionate about Hope For Health.

Why Warriors Org

Hope for Health is a community driven program of Why Warriors Org Ltd.

Why Warriors Org Ltd is an ACNC registered charity created by Richard, Timothy and Kama Trudgen based on cross-cultural education work of over 40 years in the NT. Created in 2016, the organisation provides a charitable platform to continue programs that grew out of over 7 years of exploring community development models and local motivation with the people of Elcho Island, through the AHED project of the  independent organisation Why Warriors Pty Ltd. The Charity operates with an Board (with founding family in minority). Local Indigenous oversight of HFH program operation and direction is through a Yolngu Strategic Management Committee (SMC). The organisation provides support for Indigenous visionaries, solutions for health and lifestyle change, and region-wide cross-cultural education delivery, building on Yolngu knowledge. We are committed to strengthening the capacity of Yolngu people  through partnership  to develop their own solutions to the problems they face.

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