Hope For Health has received funding support from:

DHAMALA:  $20K+ Sponsors

  • Stronger Communities for Children (SCfC) Galiwin’ku
  • Department of the Chief Minister NT
  • TEAR Australia
  • Mercy Foundation
  • And via two successful crowdfunding campaigns.
    Note: This Funding ends June 30, 2017

We have partnered with:

  • Living Valley Health Retreat has over 25 year of experience in health transformation and disease prevention through retreat based interventions. Hope for Health’s retreat based nutritional approach, ​dietary ​ guidelines for those with Chronic Conditions ​,​ ​ and ​ broad dietary recommendations, follows the nutritional model developed by Living Valley Health Retreat (LV), Kin Kin, NSW. LV partners in the HFH program through the sharing of their model ​,​ and ​the volunteering of LV Staff in HFH , and the ongoing exchange of knowledge. LVHR was selected by co-founder Dr Kama Trudgen for its experience and having a nutritional model best fitting with Yolngu traditional diets. LVHR actively supported Hope For Health’s initial retreat by providing heavily discounted rates for Yolngu to participate the initial 14 day intensive health retreats
  • One Health Organisation is an innovative, incubator organisation that operates throughout Australia, working with early-stage health ventures that have deep collaborative relationships with the communities they seek to support and who are dedicated to finding sustainable and scalable solutions to deeply entrenched barriers to wellbeing.
  • Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation, or ALPA, was established in 1972 as a cooperative of community stores in Arnhem Land. They run stores on Aboriginal communities across Arnhem Land and are the main provider of fresh produce to these communities They provide funding and in-kind support and have assisted in sourcing products to improve healthy foods available for Yolngu. As the major food distributor on Elcho, ALPA is an important partner who understands the objectives of the Hope For Health program. We are in the process of finalising an MOU with ALPA to guide our partnership.We have been supported by:
  • Essendon Baptist Church have actively supported fundraising for Hope For Health, contributing to the fit out of a shipping container which has now become our Wellness Centre on Elcho Island.
  • Metagenics is a manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality Natural Medicines. They actively support Hope For Health through product donations for participants and by supporting our fundraising and promotions.
  • As requested by the Strategic Management Committee, East Arnhem Regional Council have provided us with a centrally located site in the main township on Elcho Island to locate our Wellness Centre, where participants can access consultations, exercise and cooking classes and nutrient rich food and supplements not available elsewhere on the island.
  • In 2014 Community Advisory Boards in regional communities were replaced with Local Authorities. Comprised of local community representatives, LA’s are responsible for consulting locally and reporting to local government in the East Arnhem Region. The LA in Galiwin’ku has actively supported the Hope For Health program and were instrumental in EARC granting permission for the establishment of our Wellness Centre
  • Country Women’s Association via the EA Regional Council provided the funds for the purchase of a converted sea container for our Wellness Centre.
  • Avant Card is a postcard media company with an extensive distribution network of venues across Australia. They have provided free distribution of postcards that supported our fundraising in 2016.
  • Santos Organics (Byron Bay) and Greenies Real Foods (Darwin) are organic food product distributors and retailers who have both supported Hope For Health by providing great discounts on bulk purchases as well as promoting our program and fundraising.
  • Other organisations that support our work through cross promotions, donations of products and time and assistance with fundraising include:
  • Olssons’s Macro Salt, Warndu Tea, Organic Sisters; Happy Herb Company; Food Matters; Energetic Mama; The Gabriel Method; Byron Spirit Festival; Our Generation Media;
  • Other notable supporters of Hope For Health include: Peppermint Magazine; That Sugar Film; and Toll Logistics.

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